When Sunday Ain’t So Funday: Coping with End of the Weekend Blues

It’s Sunday morning and as I sit here diffusing my lavender and munching on my favorite chocolate covered almonds – the breakfast of champions – I’m feeling pretty good. The sun is shining and I’m good.

I woke up this morning, meditated and set my intention for the day. “Today is going to be such a productive day. I can feel it”, I told myself not long ago.

I do, however, realize, that I must move forward in that intention. If not, I’ll let myself down and by the end of the day, I won’t feel too great. Instead of Sunday Funday (and yes, for me being productive and get IT done is super fun), it’ll be Sunday Glum-day. Ick.

I used to feel a sense of dread on Sunday nights that I’d try to cover up with food and TV. I’d think of how my mom used to cry every Monday morning on her way to work and become incredibly sad, afraid I was heading down that path.

Now I find Sundays super relaxing and rejuvenating. Here are 7 ways to keep Sunday gloom down to a minimum:

Take care of chores and errands on Saturday while I’m high off the weekend vibes, or at a time when my schedule is more flexible. It’s usually best to deal with things that need to get done at a time when you feel the least amount of pressure to do them. You can take care of the important stuff when you’re pressed for time and really don’t feel like it even more because you’re now stressing over it, or you can do them at your leisure. Try this method with your To Do list.

Plan ahead and unpack my upcoming week while not spinning my wheels. Kind of piggybacking off point 1, using foresight is much more productive than stressing out due to lack of planning. If you plan out your week now, you’ll feel much more in the zone and accomplished later once you’re able to check off some boxes. It’s hard to plan while in the throes of a hectic week, so do it now while your head is relatively clear. This will help you sleep better Sunday night.

Unwind by day. Every Sunday, I set aside time to seriously woosah in my bedroom. My room and balcony are like the havens in my home, but for you it could be your dining or living room. Wherever it is, this place should be inviting and comfortable (so try to keep it clean). Go there and zen out every Sunday. Reading, yoga, meditation, journaling, listening to relaxing music, or just sitting in a place with a view of outside with a cup of tea are all great ways to inject calm into your day.

Have fun by night. Well, it’s really evening since I have a not-so-little one to get in bed by 9pm. But at some point before then, we get out and do something fun/active. This is super important because activity gets you into your body and out of your head. Even if it’s just going to a movie, try to get out of the house on Sunday. Go-carting and trampoline parks are popular in the Lee house.

Take a break from social media. If you’re ever feeling crummy no matter what day of the week it is, breaking from social media is always a good idea. Looking at our friends’ “perfect weekends” and “perfect lives” is not what we do when we’re down. Getting back into our own lives on a very physical, here and now level by practicing some critical self-care is what we do. No hate, it’s all about the love – of self.

No pressure. This one is big, sister! Very few things are as serious as we make them. So what you didn’t get to the dishes today? They’ll be there waiting for you tomorrow looking nice and pretty… okay, not so pretty, but so what?! So what you laid around more than you “should have” today? You probably needed the rest and should be more concerned with listening to your body than hustling in this way or that right now. Sometimes we overestimate what all we can accomplish in a certain amount of time, and always the world still turns. Don’t stress! It really is okay.

Get really real with yourself about the root of your sadness. Sometimes we stress out on Sundays because we’re about to be spearheaded into another week where we aren’t living authentically. This is certainly true if working a job you hate, taking on a project you have no interest in, etc. We must always be striving for a reality which reflects who we are at our core. Only then will we experience true happiness day in and out. It gets a little easier to start readjusting once we accept that we live miserable lives when we aren’t true to who we are, even if not necessarily who we were groomed to be. Hmm. Just something to think about.